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One of the best parts of blogging is reading other blogs. There are so many different personal finance blogs out there that you are sure to find some that are interesting. Each blog reflects the personality and particular interests of its author and there are always new perspectives and topics to read about.

Blogs reflect a more diverse group of perspectives and experiences than standard media outlets because they are not written by journalist professionals. I think this is one of the ways that blogs are better than what you might read in a newspaper or see on television.  To me that is a huge benefit.

This means you are reading articles by people who are putting what they write into practice every day.

Tracking what other people are doing and seeing them reach their goals is very exciting. I have found that tracking my net worth has provided me motivation to reach my own goals as well.


The other thing I really like about reading blogs is reading the strong opinions of others. I may not always agree, but it is very refreshing to hear someone take a position and argue for it. This is especially interesting when the opinions expressed are not PC. You are rarely going to find new and controversial opinions presented in the typical financial media.

It just doesn’t fit the business model.

The great thing about having your own blog is that you can publish whatever you want. This provides a forum where the author can pursue an endless variety of possibilities of topics to write and there is no restriction.


The other great thing about blogs is that most of them have a comments section. This is where things can get really fun.

There are frequently comments which point out an error or omission made by the author. This can be pretty funny. I have found that most bloggers are quick to admit the issue and go back to update their post.

The other great thing about the comments is that everyone can put their own reaction to the post right at the bottom of it. This often leads to some back and forth with the blogger who made the original post. It can also lead to back and forth between the readers as well!

Many times readers will ask a specific question which may be helpful to all readers. Or they will exchange e-mails on a more private topic. The question may lead the blogger to tailor a specific future post to answer that question. Or… the possibilities are really endless.


Reading a blog is easy. You can have new posts delivered to your e-mail or create a list of blogs and add them to your favorites in your browser. With mobile devices you can keep track of your favorite blogs at all times.

What could be easier than that? Having the ability to read interesting posts at any time is nice. And you can interact by posting comments at any time as well.

This results in conversations happening over days and through time zones as those on the East and West coasts of the United States interact and then readers in Asia, Europe, and Africa wake up and read the content. Well – that is what I am shooting for on this blog at least.  One of my goals is to have 20% of my traffic come from international readers.


Here is a list of some of the more interesting blogs I have been reading lately: : this is an investing site in India : take control of your life and your finances. : opinion, finance, real estate all mixed into a nice California Roll : life and finances discussed by a blogger who retired by 40 : I like tracking along with the net worth gains of this blogger and there is a lot of other interesting stuff here too. : real estate investing from out-of-state with monthly cash flow reports and some interesting tools to evaluate geographic locations where the population is growing : fellow CPA writes about net worth goals and other interesting topics : there is usually something going on over at this frequently updated blog that is very interesting – recent purchase of a business, money-saving tips, investment discussions and other topics : it’s as simple as earning, saving, and investing – and there is a very interesting ongoing saga about real estate investing being tracked here : another frequently updated and interesting finance blog : opinionated and funny blog that has frequent references to asian food! : this is another opinionated blog about one man’s quest to reach his financial goals in 1,500 days. He also chronicles the complete renovation of his house.

I am thinking about creating a blogroll page on my site soon and these blogs will probably be there. I basically pulled my blog favorites folder down and dropped them here – so this reflects what I’m currently reading.

Alright I’m back …. got distracted looking at all the updated posts on these blogs while I was testing that my links worked.

Another great thing about reading blogs is that there are always new ones coming out or new themes that are being covered! Enjoy.

Author: Patient Wealth Builder

I live in the Mid Atlantic region with my wife and children. I am a finance manager for a Fortune 100 Company with over 10 years experience and have an MBA and CPA – but my true passion is investing!

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  1. Thanks for the shout out, PW! And I completely agree about following blogs. So many great reasons and so many great blogs. Discovering this myself has been one of the best parts of starting my blog. I’m hooked on so many others that I enjoy reading. When I get busy at work and don’t have as much time to read I actually get bummed out a bit!
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