Blogs More Interesting Than Standard Media

One of the best parts of blogging is reading other blogs. There are so many different personal finance blogs out there that you are sure to find some that are interesting. Each blog reflects the personality and particular interests of its author and there are always new perspectives and topics to read about.

Blogs reflect a more diverse group of perspectives and experiences than standard media outlets because they are not written by journalist professionals. I think this is one of the ways that blogs are better than what you might read in a newspaper or see on television.  To me that is a huge benefit.

This means you are reading articles by people who are putting what they write into practice every day.

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Start Your Own Blog

I wanted to share how I created this blog and how anyone can create their own blog. I have been interested in blogging for years and this is the fourth one I have started. It is so easy and fun to start a blog that everyone should consider doing it.

The first blog I made was a satirical website having to do with global climate change at I no longer have the sign-in information so it is frozen in time. It gets a lot of comments from bots which is actually pretty funny.

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September Index Update

I have returned! Yes I know I have taken a few months off from posting content but duty calls! The new job has been a great challenge and we have been having wonderful family time lately with our immediate family and with extended family. Trips to Florida, Ohio, and the Carolinas have been great.

Thankfully we missed Hurricane Hermine and ended up having a great week at the beach which included tremendous waves. I never get tired of the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

But now for an update of my Net Worth Index!

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Allocation Shift

I wanted to give a quick update on some things I discussed in the post where I discussed my net worth goal. If you remember, I didn’t reveal the dollar amount of my net worth goal but rather created an index to measure the change in my net worth. This will allow me to share my goal and progress without having to reveal the details of the actual dollar amounts.

I also discussed in that post my net worth allocation. I don’t always see other net worth posts reveal this so hopefully that will be an interesting thing to read about as well. Looking forward to the feedback on that.

I wanted to talk about the allocation in today’s post.

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Net Worth Goal Revealed: Increase 10X In 10 Years

It is impossible not to notice that within the personal finance blogging community there is a practice of reporting Net Worth periodically. I find these posts incredibly interesting. It’s like tagging along with a professional athlete, seeing their daily eating schedule and workout routine, and then following their reports of performance improvements.

It’s also like getting the benefits of a mentor who shares their current progress and the reasoning behind their choices. What’s better is that you can get the benefit of multiple mentors at different Net Worth levels. Some people are out there tracking a few thousand dollars each month while others are showing increases in the tens of thousands! It’s really exciting to see how things progress over time for various people and their various strategies.  Continue reading “Net Worth Goal Revealed: Increase 10X In 10 Years”

Why This Blog Will Be Successful – Yakezie Network and Alexa Ranking Challenge!

I am announcing today that this blog has joined the Alexa Ranking Challenge!!  I am really excited about this because it is a great way to promote a blog and learn how to help people find content that interests them while also being part of a community and helping others. I was lucky to have a friend recommend the Financial Samurai blog to me a few weeks ago and I was totally hooked. I have always been interested in writing and I’ll discuss more about how this blog started below.

The Alexa Challenge is something that has piqued my interest. I’m looking forward to learning more about how search engines work and the best way to get my blog posts noticed.  The other really cool part of the challenge is that when you reach a certain Alexa ranking and have achieved a level of consistency you can join the Yakezie Network. This is a network of like-minded bloggers and includes some really interesting and talented people.

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