The Secret to Buying Used Cars Everyone needs to Know


I am not even going to try to convince you to buy a used car in this post. This post assumes you know it is wise to that and want to know the secret to buying used cars.  If you are struggling with understanding why you should buy a used car, then you need to question if you are really making good choices with your money. If you live in an apartment but bought a brand new car for more than $30,000 then you should stop reading: this blog is not for you.

Actually – you are the person this blog will really help! Most finance bloggers and personal finance junkies like me don’t even need this post.  But they will still find it interesting. What I am about to reveal is the biggest secret to buying used cars.

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Why You Should Buy Used Cars

I never buy new vehicles. The first vehicle I bought was my Dad’s car which he had also bought used. It was a 1986 Buick Century and I will never forget it. That car cost less than $1,000 and lasted for several years and tens of thousands of miles. It was a perfect first car because I was never worried about putting a scratch on it or having it stolen.

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