November Portfolio Allocation

When I posted my November Net Worth Index update, I did not include my total portfolio allocation. I wanted to follow-up and run through this as part of my monthly update. It is always a good idea to do an overview of how your entire net worth is allocated to ensure that you aren’t exposing yourself to too much, or not enough, risk.

I’ve read a lot lately about people taking money out of stocks and moving it to cash and bonds. But is that really a good idea?

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November Net Worth Index Update

The November net worth index update now contains the equity value of my new investment property. I have been looking forward to closing this deal for the past few months and have been working on buying a new investment property for a year or so. Also this month, there has also been a significant increase in the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) which resulted in a positive move in my net worth. With my extreme investing approach, I expect that changes in the DJIA will cause significant changes to my net worth, for good or ill.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the big changes. I’m excited about the positive movement and hope you are also seeing the benefit to your stock portfolio as well.

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Buying Another Rental Property: Finally Closed!

I finally closed on my rental property this past Friday. It was a very smooth experience. I was only at about 80% confidence that the deal would close.

My experience with real estate is that you never know what is going to come up. People get lost on the way to the title company, the financing get’s pulled at the last-minute on a technicality, or the seller can get cold feet.

But thankfully, this time none of that happened!

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Success Factors for Cricket Similar to Investing

What can we learn about our finances from the game of Cricket? Actually, a lot. There are seven factors that influence how successful a Cricket player will be and these same seven factors apply to investing and your finances as well.

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October Net Worth Index Update

It’s that time again, time for another Net Worth index update.  This should get more and more interesting as time goes on and there is more data to chart. Over the coming months I am sure a story will develop. Because I am a proponent of extreme investing, I believe that these updates will be very interesting at some point. That is just a function of the leverage that I’m using. Hopefully, the leverage will work for me in a positive way and not a negative one!

This month there is a lot going on even though the index value is fairly stable.

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September Index Update

I have returned! Yes I know I have taken a few months off from posting content but duty calls! The new job has been a great challenge and we have been having wonderful family time lately with our immediate family and with extended family. Trips to Florida, Ohio, and the Carolinas have been great.

Thankfully we missed Hurricane Hermine and ended up having a great week at the beach which included tremendous waves. I never get tired of the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

But now for an update of my Net Worth Index!

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Allocation Shift

I wanted to give a quick update on some things I discussed in the post where I discussed my net worth goal. If you remember, I didn’t reveal the dollar amount of my net worth goal but rather created an index to measure the change in my net worth. This will allow me to share my goal and progress without having to reveal the details of the actual dollar amounts.

I also discussed in that post my net worth allocation. I don’t always see other net worth posts reveal this so hopefully that will be an interesting thing to read about as well. Looking forward to the feedback on that.

I wanted to talk about the allocation in today’s post.

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