Preparing for Another Rental

I have been working towards buying another investment property for some time now. I want to buy one by 2017 and I think I’m about to succeed in the month of October (or maybe November). I’ve written about the two houses that I didn’t get when I was using a real estate agent. I also wrote about my adventure on memorial day where I spent a lot of time researching a house offered by a wholesaler. But I think this one is going to work out!

One of the things I have been learning at work lately is how beneficial it is to plan ahead and to have a backup plan if the situation changes on you suddenly. So I’m writing out some of the steps I’m taking to plan for adding another investment property to my portfolio. Maybe some of my readers can offer improvements on these as well! I’m always open to suggestions.

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Asking for Money

I’ve been thinking about this topic a lot recently.  Asking for money. Private Funding for real estate is what I am interested in. I’ve done some reading about the topic and it sounds like a really good way to get financing without the drawbacks and absurdities of using a bank.

The great thing about this option for me is that I do happen to have some connections who may be interested in lending me money for real estate purchases.

I wanted to lay out some thoughts on what are some of the best ways to basically approach someone and ask, “hey, would you be interested in lending me $100,000 or so?”

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