Habitat for Humanity: A Great Charity

I recently had the opportunity to work on a Habitat for Humanity house. This was a very cool experience because I have never worked on a home construction site before. It was also exciting to get out the office and away from my computer screen. Instead of typing on a keyboard I was down on my knees applying moisture seal to the walls of a basement. Later, I was up on the third floor constructing an exterior wall!

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Seek A New Challenge At Work

I’m still here. Many things have been rapidly changing lately for me including a large change at work. This has been really wonderful for me as it has been a “stretch” professionally and I am learning more per day than I was learning each week in my previous position. This has caused me to think a lot lately about the importance of learning new things and growing professionally by taking on new challenges.

Are you still learning and growing in your current job?

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