Why This Blog Will Be Successful – Yakezie Network and Alexa Ranking Challenge!

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I am announcing today that this blog has joined the Alexa Ranking Challenge!!  I am really excited about this because it is a great way to promote a blog and learn how to help people find content that interests them while also being part of a community and helping others. I was lucky to have a friend recommend the Financial Samurai blog to me a few weeks ago and I was totally hooked. I have always been interested in writing and I’ll discuss more about how this blog started below.

The Alexa Challenge is something that has piqued my interest. I’m looking forward to learning more about how search engines work and the best way to get my blog posts noticed.  The other really cool part of the challenge is that when you reach a certain Alexa ranking and have achieved a level of consistency you can join the Yakezie Network. This is a network of like-minded bloggers and includes some really interesting and talented people.

I often visit the list of blogs in the network to read different perspectives. Its a good way to get my thoughts out there for others to see and learn other people’s interests. I am also able to share things I have written on topics they are interested in.

Original Purpose

The ultimate purpose of this blog really was to provide an outlet for all the ideas and thoughts I have about finance.  I’ve loved investing in the stock market and reading about finance since I was in my early teens.  It was actually the only reason I think I made it through college. I kept telling myself that if I got my degree I would at least be able to have a great career in finance.

I know for most people the prospect of a career in finance might be a deterrent to working hard and getting through school. But I really love learning about financial markets and investing!

The other thing that motivated me to start this blog is that I am very opinionated.  This can be a good thing and a bad thing. I’ve noticed that when I have a strong opinion about something I’m more likely to learn more about it. I don’t mind changing my opinion either.  As I tell my brother, “I love when I am proven wrong and change my opinion because that means I learned something.” I think he usually rolls his eyes at me when I say that because I usually jump right back into convincing him why I am right!

But the downside of being opinionated is it can result in alienating friends and family.  Sometimes people don’t want to debate (really?!?) and would rather just relax and talk. This blog gives me an outlet to put all my strong opinions about finance in my posts.  This provides a great outlet for me and when certain topics come up I can just calmly say, “Oh I wrote an article about that – it is on my blog.” That’s a great way to be social and interesting without jumping into a long diatribe.

My Goals

I’ll be honest: part of my goal for writing this is to make some passive income.  But that isn’t the main goal.  I actually have two other blogs and those were not started with any other goal but to provide an outlet for writing.  I love writing and I love finance.  Those interests along with my obsession with long distance running make me somewhat unique and I’m hoping to find other folks out there who are interested in the same things. And I am always looking to learn from others.

I eventually plan to start a blog about soccer which will be separate and distinct from this one but I need to focus on this one first before I work on that!

So here is a list of goals for this blog:

  1. get my Alexa ranking to 200,000 or lower
  2. write at least one guest post per month (Here is my first one)
  3. help one other person start a blog in 2016
  4. get to 10,000 per month in site traffic
  5. get at least 20% of my traffic from outside the United States
  6. help one person per month (I know that is vague and fluffy but it is very important)
  7. reach an annual income of $30,000 from this blog (one day)

I think those are pretty aggressive goals but many of them can be accomplished over a few years.  I would say I would like to reach all of these goals in 5 years and the first 3 goals in one year.  The Alexa Ranking Challenge is a 6 month challenge so I want to hit 200,000 Alexa ranking by the fall of this year.

I am interested in the international community and really want to tap into that by getting site traffic from India and China. I believe there are expatriates residing there and also immigrants from those countries who have family that would be interested in this blog. That goal is more of a working theory right now but I would like to see what becomes of it. It is part of my overall strategy to build very large traffic over the long-term. If you consider how many intelligent and talented people are outside the United States it is easy to see how important it is to reach that community.

I am focused on the long haul with this blog. I know I won’t become one of the top 10 finance blogs overnight.  Like many things it is important to be patient and work hard. Why stress out over making my blog the best now when I can carefully and thoughtfully build it over time? My vision is to build genuine relationships over time as a result of creating quality content and interacting with my readers. I think that is a worthy end in and of itself.

Author: Patient Wealth Builder

I live in the Mid Atlantic region with my wife and children. I am a finance manager for a Fortune 100 Company with over 10 years experience and have an MBA and CPA - but my true passion is investing!

2 thoughts on “Why This Blog Will Be Successful – Yakezie Network and Alexa Ranking Challenge!”

  1. Hey, hope the challenge is going well! I just decided to join too! Main goal is just to *have* an Alexa ranking by the end. Looking forward to reading more of your posts.

    -East Coast Dame

    1. The key is to not give up and to be consistent. I noticed that my ranking benefited greatly after I did a guest post on onecentatatime.com – Good luck! I’ve still got a long way to go but it has been fun so far.

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